Fields are Fockers

It appears that Fields use multiple paypal accounts to prevent people from disputing payment, perhaps because they have lost money to credit card reclaims one time to many.

Fields Data Recovery scam a church

Yet another scam report came in from a guy who Todd Taylor and his team tried to overcharge for “parts”, in other words an identical hard drive which costs $400 – what size would that be, 5tb? Perhaps you should be shopping around for a better price for your spare parts!! But thats how Fields operate, they try to charge you at every stage of your data recovery even claiming a ridiculously high fee for the spare parts. The most interesting part of this post is the claim made by Todd that a rival company is posting all the negative [...READ MORE]

Some jackass searching for “Todd Taylor” came across the blog and tried to masquerade as someone who complained to the BBB, perhaps its Todd trying to post fake responses just like his infamous bosses, the IP did not correspond with that of the original poster and this person seems to be the first person to receive a “personal call” and apology from Todd Taylor, and overnight delivery from the UK? What are Fields doing now, using the fastest and most expensive courier available? Follow up on my lost items on feb 8th. My items were delivered overnight from the united [...READ MORE]

Fields Data Recovery Fake Reviews Removed From Xom, FreeIndex, TrustPilot, and now they setup a shill forum

Not being content with being banned from Xom Reviews, TrustPilot, FreeIndex and many more review websites, Fields deluded directors have setup their own discussion forum since its the only place they can’t be banned from (Google Fields Data Recovery Forum). I guess they can take solace in leaving posts for each other which nobody will read, who knows? Pretty soon they will be banned from every reputable review website online so I guess they are preparing for that. In any event, they seem to be moving their scam operations on to Asia because their reputation in the English speaking (and [...READ MORE]

“I am only an account manager and only responsible for sales. I have no idea how to get hard drives back or data. I am only responsible for sales. Contact our quality control in the UK at (email address removed). I cannot provide a name to contact and I have to get back to my job.” Todd Taylor Fields Data Recovery’s USA sales agent (i.e. a guy who answers the phone for US victims of this UK based scam) Todd Taylor is as slippery as his employers back in Wales. Leaving you used like a red neck holding the baby [...READ MORE]


Fields are holding fast to their tactic of posting fake reviews about their dogshit hard drive recycling services. This is because they are completely incapable of doing the job right otherwise people would naturally post positive reviews, rather than the template 3 line fake reviews which upon inspection, don’t seem to have been posted by people who speak English as their first language. Some of the IPs of posts removed were from Thailand? Some of the names are fucked up too, like “Kavin” or “Haylay” so the people who cut and pasted these reviews from a brothel in Bangkok obviously [...READ MORE]

A clear pattern emerges when you take a look at the way their sales agents take no responsibility for the loss or damage to victims data, but they are very happy to take your credit card details. When you get ripped off, too bad, go try and call Wales to get your money or data back. This company are completely irresponsible and couldn’t give a shit once they have your money. Perhaps you can contact the founders of the company: Daryl Hamilton Wallis Brynawel, Glyn Street, Ogmore Vale, Bridgend, CF32 7AS 0044 7881 826064 Jamie Hamilton Wallis [...READ MORE]

I found this interesting video about the Field of Data Recovery Fraud and how widespread the problem is. Fox read the reports on Ripoff reports about datarecovery corp and sent in a drive with a simple fault, datarecovery corp sent back fake gibberish template report and tried to charge the undercover reporter a fortune. Sound familiar? The big difference is that Fields Data Recovery will do all of that and destroy your hard drive on top of it, making it impossible for anyone to recover the data if you don’t pay their extortionate fees. The BBB gave datarecovery corp an [...READ MORE]

FICTION: Fields Data Recovery is the only UK Data Recovery Company that encourages continual customer feedback, and posts all customer comments on its website – good or bad! By doing this, we constantly improve the service we offer and further raise satisfaction levels. FACT: Fields ONLY EVER POST FAKE REVIEWS on their websites, including their fake “data recovery review” blogs which according to anonymous sources are farmed out to SEO article writers in Asia. Hence the robotic and obviously fabricated tone of each review/testimonial. FICTION: Each month we email over 10000 new clients in order to accurately gauge what [...READ MORE]

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