I found this interesting video about the Field of Data Recovery Fraud and how widespread the problem is. Fox read the reports on Ripoff reports about datarecovery corp and sent in a drive with a simple fault, datarecovery corp sent back fake gibberish template report and tried to charge the undercover reporter a fortune.

Sound familiar? The big difference is that Fields Data Recovery will do all of that and destroy your hard drive on top of it, making it impossible for anyone to recover the data if you don’t pay their extortionate fees. The BBB gave datarecovery corp an F rating, the same rating they gave to Fields Data Recovery.

Story link: MyFoxLA.com

The story echoes the scam reports from victims of Fields Data Recovery and shows how easy it is to con people into parting with their cash just by fabricating garbage recovery reports, which inform you that your “head disk assembly” needs to be replaced. Its a lot like taking your car to a mechanic, you know your being screwed but you can’t prove it. You pay anyway, hoping that the problem will be fixed even if it was expensive.

Fields have a surprise for you, they don’t just overcharge, they don’t even fix your hard drive, which never had a serious problem in the first place but is sure as hell does now. They try to tell you some bullshit about ordering parts, when all is needed is an identical drive to scavenge parts for.

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