The Brits have something called “Consumer Direct” orĀ  “Trading Standards” which is roughly equivalent to the Better Business Bureau in its function, but boy are they completely deaf to Fields victims in the UK!

St Louis BBB has 15 complaints against Fields Data Recovery; Trading Standards has 94 complaints registered against all of the companies owned by the same corporate group which owns Fields Data Recovery.

Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Information Request 2708

I refer to your email dated 29 December 2010, which contained a request
for information. Following consideration of your request, and in
accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, I respond as follows:

Following a search of our records and having checked the companies
associated with the Field Group, I can confirm that as at 5 January 2011 a
total of 94 complaints have been received by the Authority either directly
or referred by Consumer Direct.


A good point made on this website:

Thats a lot of complaints to not have responded to.

How many consumers do not know to complain to trading standards ?

I wonder if they accept the complaints from Europe and North America as well ?

Thanks to the individual who alerted us to this fact. Perhaps Fields victims in North America would get better results if they complained to the above department, I will post the details once I track them down (or someone posts them here?)

One Response to “Can people in the US and Canada report complaints to UK "Trading Standards" (BBB Equivalent)”

  1. Providing you can prove you paid money which ultimately ends up in the bank account of Fields Group in Bridgend, then the local TS should accept complaints from international clients.

    Only when the threshold is passed will TS refer the matter for a sting operation to test the companies claims. Although a TS officer should visit the operation to check it exists and put the company on notice that it is being monitored.

    Try a Freedom of Information request to Trading Standards to ask how many times a TS officer has visited Field House to investigate the 94 complaints brought against them so far.

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