FICTION: Fields Data Recovery is the only UK Data Recovery Company that encourages continual customer feedback, and posts all customer comments on its website – good or bad! By doing this, we constantly improve the service we offer and further raise satisfaction levels.

FACT: Fields ONLY EVER POST FAKE REVIEWS on their websites, including their fake “data recovery review” blogs which according to anonymous sources are farmed out to SEO article writers in Asia. Hence the robotic and obviously fabricated tone of each review/testimonial.

FICTION: Each month we email over 10000 new clients in order to accurately gauge what customers think of our service. Every response is read, the findings compiled, and we publish the results on our website. Improving Customer Satisfaction is our number one objective – that’s how we currently boast a customer satisfaction rating of 97.1%.

FACT: Fields couldn’t give a damn about customer feedback as shown by the huge amount they invest in suppressing negative reviews, not to mention the 1000s of legitimate complaints by victims of their scam which never go answered, and either end up as complaints with the BBB (or Trading Standards in the UK), civil action between Fields and its victims or negative posts on the internet. Their “customer satisfaction rating” has remained at a static 97.1% ever since their website went up in 2007. Why don’t they “publish the results” of the scam reports all over the internet? Over 100 official complaints to the UK and US BBB, the German TV consumer expose - do they only respond to your complaint if you have contacts with TV consumer magazines?

Fields are almost unheard of in Canada yet they managed to get dozens of good reviews on XOMReviews out of the blue in Nov 2011?

Take for example “Jemima Stone” who was so happy with both Fields and Rapid Data that she posted 4 reviews in a row! “She” also had trouble remembering if she was a musician or a business woman!

Easy way to get data back
Fields helped me recover files I had not backed up on my home computer when my hard drive unexpectedly packed up. They gave me simple instructions on how to get it to them and how to deal with the situation. I was very happy with the price they quoted.

Posted By: jemima_stone, on Sunday, November 07, 2010

Complete the job in time
Rapid made a free diagnosis of my hard drive and I required a 24 hour turnaround. Rapid let me know they could not complete the job in time, and wasted no time recommending Fields and getting it to them asap. They didn’t charge for that, and Fields got my data back to me in time for my overseas conference. A professional service with a ‘can do’ attitude. They made my case priority and I appreciated that considering I am just a small time client. Thank you Fields.

Posted By: jemima_stone, on Monday, November 08, 2010

Give me better chance
I dropped my hard drive off at the Rapid office in London, and after a couple of days they referred me to Fields, saying that they would be able to offer me a better chance at full recovery. Rapid did not charge me for the referral or the analysis of my hard drive. Fields was very helpful, and after a couple of weeks I got my data back, with a complete recovery. I am satisfied with the way Rapid handled my case, and very thankful to Fields, who have proved themselves as a professional data recovery outfit.

Posted By: jemima_stone, on Thursday, November 11, 2010

Work hard to get data back
Fields worked really hard to get our data back. I work for a big charity and it was so important to make sure we got ALL info back. It was not an option not to. They charged a reasonable price and performed so well, really empathizing with our situation and working all hours. From the bottom of my heart, and all the hearts we represent, thank you!

Posted By: jemima_stone, on Thursday, November 11, 2010


  1. There is a good reason Fields use Touchlocal, its because they are an aggressive marketing outfit themselves:

    It looks like they cold-call companies to sell them advertising space in their business directory but they don’t respond to complaints or take advertisements down.

  2. Fields “Data Recovery”, Rapid “Data Recovery” , Fields Associates Ltd and many more alias names.

    What this this company did to me I didn’t even know it’s possible or legal to do in this great country we living in. They not only charged me for service they didn’t supply, but also rubbed me from my HDD and kept on manipulating me for months. They are pure crooks on any level and there is no point of polishing this situation.

    You can get in touch with Bridgend Trading Standard office if you had a similar bad experience with them. They know all about this company for a long time now. But from some reason they don’t really do anything about this corporate crooks in their neighbourhood.

    I am now in a process of suing them(small claims) and it was/is a long and painful experience.


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