A clear pattern emerges when you take a look at the way their sales agents take no responsibility for the loss or damage to victims data, but they are very happy to take your credit card details. When you get ripped off, too bad, go try and call Wales to get your money or data back. This company are completely irresponsible and couldn’t give a shit once they have your money.

Perhaps you can contact the founders of the company:

Daryl Hamilton Wallis
Brynawel, Glyn Street, Ogmore Vale, Bridgend, CF32 7AS
0044 7881 826064

Jamie Hamilton Wallis (any relation?)
25 Heol Y Dolau, Pencoed, CF35 5LQ
0044 7875 543646

Fields Data Recovery
1001 Craig Rd Ste 260
Saint Louis, MO 63146-6212
Contact: Manager
Phone: 866 879-1281

Here are some excerpts from http://stlouis.app.bbb.org/viewcomplaints/310322677

I am not satisfied with the response of the company and would like to see what further action can be taken. This is ridiculous and extremely frustrating. I have now read links stating that Fields, when they do return the hard drives have fouled the platters in the unit so bad, that NO COMPANY can recover the data. I have/had 16 years of my kids growing up pictures on that hard drive as well as significant personal/financial data.

Yep, Fields couldn’t give a fuck about the value of their data because they are con artists, but the worst thing is that they destroy your drive beyond repair. This is because their hard drives are opened by incompetent fuckwads in Wales, probably in an unclean environment.

Business’ Final Response
11/04/2010: I am only an account manager and only responsible for sales. I have no idea how to get hard drives back or data. I am only responsible for sales. Contact our quality control in the UK at (email address removed). I cannot provide a name to contact and I have to get back to my job.

Aww poor Todd Taylor  or his monkey replacement, he has no idea where his customers precious data actually goes! After all he is only a “manager”, in other words a guy next to a phone, whose job is to take your credit card details after which he couldn’t give a fuck what happens to your hard drive.

Business’ Response

Initial Response – Posted 05/25/2010
Contact Name and Title: (Name removed) Manager
Client agreed to and paid a non-refundable deposit to complete extensive physical work on his faulty hard drive. The monies were paid on Feb 17th, 2010 and due to the required parts being delayed we offered the client 2 options – either a full refund of the monies paid and the disk returned or a $200 refund and the works to continue as initially sold. The client, as mentioned in his initial report, decided to proceed with the works which unfortunately did not yield any usable data. He received his $200 refund.

The client has been notified of the end result of the physical work on his hard drive. The original hard drive has been despatched to his address today via UPS couriers.

Additional Information from Consumer

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The statements made by the Fields Data Recovery are completely inaccurate. I have a bank statement with the proof of the February the 18th payment of the amount for replacement parts, this payment was made with the Fields Data Recovery stating that they are 80% confident that the data could be restored.

Fields worldwide scam model is to send a template report stating a ridiculously high chance of recovering your data. 80% lies and 100% bullshit. That drive wont yield any useable data if its nothing but scrap metal after Fields “technicians” have scratched the internals.

I have tried calling that the tech provided me with and no one ever answers. Once they take your money you never here from them again.

Fields don’t want to speak to you again once they have scammed you, forget trying to get through to Wales. Give Daryl a call on his cell phone, or maybe send him a polite letter. Send him two polite letters, then four….

Business’ Response

There will absolutely be no refund, partial or full, given in this case.

Additional Information from Consumer

What Fields Recovery Data is failing to mention in this statement are:

1. The hard drive was not failed or damaged and was to be returned upon payment with the data that was shipped on 10/1/2010.

2. There wasn’t an agreement that after we verified that the data was received successfully the failed hard drive was to be shipped, it was to be shipped with the data on 10/1/10 so sending it on 10/8/10 is unacceptable. Also, the package that was sent on 10/1 did not arrive until 10/4 because it was sent to England for some reason.

Fields global policy is to never give refunds unless pushed into a corner, perhaps because the authorities have intervened.


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