Fields are holding fast to their tactic of posting fake reviews about their dogshit hard drive recycling services. This is because they are completely incapable of doing the job right otherwise people would naturally post positive reviews, rather than the template 3 line fake reviews which upon inspection, don’t seem to have been posted by people who speak English as their first language. Some of the IPs of posts removed were from Thailand?

Some of the names are fucked up too, like “Kavin” or “Haylay” so the people who cut and pasted these reviews from a brothel in Bangkok obviously don’t know English names – or, the people who posted these reviews didn’t know how to spell their own names.

Fields favourite fake names are:

Danny Charon

Walter Quade

Bryn Tabbit

Kavin Ladd

And of course James Walsh, which has been removed from several websites already and is a known pseudonym of Jamie Hamilton Wallis.

Keep it up guys, this is all helping to expose the way you operate and soon you wont be able to post reviews on any website except your own (which has a steady 97% approval rating)!

Here are some samples from Trustpilot and Trustlocal

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