“I am only an account manager and only responsible for sales. I have no idea how to get hard drives back or data. I am only responsible for sales. Contact our quality control in the UK at (email address removed). I cannot provide a name to contact and I have to get back to my job.”

Todd Taylor

Fields Data Recovery’s USA sales agent (i.e. a guy who answers the phone for US victims of this UK based scam) Todd Taylor is as slippery as his employers back in Wales. Leaving you used like a red neck holding the baby he wont return your calls once he has taken your money and refuses to face up to what he is doing. After all he is just a sales agent doing his job, he doesn’t deal with the side where your hard drive is trashed, that’s done by his good buddies in Wales.

Fields give the impression that they have “3 labs” in the USA, but all we can find when we make anonymous call is Todd Taylor and a rented PO Box. He lists one of his interests on Linkedin as:

“Getting back in touch”

And his previous job titles were “sales engineer” and “communication lead”, how many names are their for a guy who basically sells shit?


A recent post in the forum indicates that he is prone to “losing” licensed software accidentally sent to him by his victims:

“The drive finally came missing the operating discs, drivers, programs, (photo cds, Internet cds, virus cds, ) etc.. I needed these to reinstall back on the drive and not repurchase… Had the person who signed for the package in St. Louis on file and e-mailed Todd..he now said now maybe they were misplaced”

This was after he tried to milk a victim for a job worth $1500 due to its complexity, dropping to $1200. The job was supposed to have a 95% chance of success, only fragments of the data were recovered, this is Fields Data Recovery USAs trademark.

Todd is a hell of an engineer, except his speciality is engineering lies about what happened to your data and your property.

Here is a communication lead to the Attorney General’s Office I engineered. Please report your complaint to them without delay so they can start taking this investigation seriously:


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