Not being content with being banned from Xom Reviews, TrustPilot, FreeIndex and many more review websites, Fields deluded directors have setup their own discussion forum since its the only place they can’t be banned from (Google Fields Data Recovery Forum). I guess they can take solace in leaving posts for each other which nobody will read, who knows?

Pretty soon they will be banned from every reputable review website online so I guess they are preparing for that. In any event, they seem to be moving their scam operations on to Asia because their reputation in the English speaking (and apparently German) speaking world has been torn to shreds after ripping thousands of people off.

Their strategy seems to be to post fake reviews on review websites, if they only have positive reviews then they keep them up, as soon as they get negative reviews they ask for their thread to be removed.  Luckily we are keeping copies of all their shill reviews and forwarding them to other review websites.

Keep it up guys, your doing a terrible job!!!

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