Some jackass searching for “Todd Taylor” came across the blog and tried to masquerade as someone who complained to the BBB, perhaps its Todd trying to post fake responses just like his infamous bosses, the IP did not correspond with that of the original poster and this person seems to be the first person to receive a “personal call” and apology from Todd Taylor, and overnight delivery from the UK? What are Fields doing now, using the fastest and most expensive courier available?

Follow up on my lost items on feb 8th. My items were delivered overnight from the united kingdom on tues 02/22. Everything sent in was there. I received a personal call from Todd who apologized for the inconvenience. I am glad that i got my computer up and running this morning and that my concerns with this company are satisfied.

If you want to post bullshit ass-kiss reviews for your own company then do it on the Fields testimonial website

The poster was reading a bizarre and sinister sounding post before reading all the articles about Todd and then posting the fake response in the forum section.

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  1. I sent in the money and got nothing in return and then found this blog. I feel like such an idiot. We are a church. $440 that could have helped the poor went to these guys to recover important data. Below is what they wrote me after they examined the drive.

    “If you choose to proceed we have just over an 80% success rate in recovering all data from drives in the same condition. Because there is a risk in continuing to work with your drive, we require that a portion of the final fee be paid in advance so that we can order in the necessary parts.”

    Oh well

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