Yet another scam report came in from a guy who Todd Taylor and his team tried to overcharge for “parts”, in other words an identical hard drive which costs $400 – what size would that be, 5tb? Perhaps you should be shopping around for a better price for your spare parts!!

But thats how Fields operate, they try to charge you at every stage of your data recovery even claiming a ridiculously high fee for the spare parts.

The most interesting part of this post is the claim made by Todd that a rival company is posting all the negative comments to undermine Fields success. Hmm, which company would that be Todd? Have you established that the company is successful before you make such a libellous statement?

So all the negative comments are made by just one company, none of them are real? And all the fake reviews and testimonials posted by Fields, did you mention those to the poor guy who posted this story on his blog? What about this blog was it setup by this imaginary overseas company or was the guy genuinely another ripped off customer just like me and thousands of others you and your buddies in Wales have scammed over the last 6 years?

You decide:


I do have the complete results of your diagnostic scan for you.  We unfortunately have yet to be able to extract any data from your drive and will need to order in additional parts in order to complete the recovery process.

Your drive actually suffered from “stiction”.  This is basically a case of the read/write heads clamping down on the platters, almost acting like a disk-brake.  This can cause several different types of failures, and with your drive it caused severe damage to the read/write heads and caused the motor to seize.

We have to order in a completely identical drive so we can swap the platters from your original drive into the new chassis with the other new parts.  This was attempted over the weekend, but parts were not exactly identical and this may have led to the failed attempt.  When identical parts are used this procedure is still extremely delicate, but somewhat common when it comes to drives in this condition.  The rate of full recovery is just over 55%.

In order to proceed, we will require a portion of the total price paid up-front in a non-refundable deposit so that we can continue work and order in parts.  In total, the price for this recovery has come to $640.00We will actually require $400.00 (non-refundable) up front in order to purchase parts and continue work.  Once the recovery is complete and data is recovered, the $240.00 will be applied.

Up to this point you have not incurred any cost so if you’d like we can return the drive to you now free of charge, if you’d prefer. Please take your time to look this over, and when you make a decision or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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