Todd Taylor and Fields Data Recovery in action again, this time pulling the familiar scam with a non-profit organisation:

I sent in the money and got nothing in return and then found this blog. I feel like such an idiot. We are a church. $440 that could have helped the poor went to these guys to recover important data. Below is what they wrote me after they examined the drive.

“If you choose to proceed we have just over an 80% success rate in recovering all data from drives in the same condition. Because there is a risk in continuing to work with your drive, we require that a portion of the final fee be paid in advance so that we can order in the necessary parts.”

Across the world, Fields tell their victims that there is a 80+ per cent chance of recovering data from their hard drive. Once the mark has paid, Fields decide that their estimate was a little over optimistic. In other words, they have taken payment (always be closing), therefore who gives a damn if the hard drive can be recovered or not. Maybe it never could in the first place, but it doesn’t matter, whether your hard drive has been dropped from a bridge, or has a simple software error requiring a re installation of windows, you will be told that “parts need to be ordered” like the “head disk assembly”.

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