I picked up on this interesting report from ripoffreport.com:

Contacted Fields and talked to Todd easy to talk to Professional and easy to get on the phone when I contacted looking for help. Was quoted a TOTAL time and price my recovery would cost , sent hard drive and waited , and waited and waited . Once they cot my hard drive they wouldnt answer the phone or email. 2 weeks went by past the time to have got hard drive and I had assistant call ever 5 min after about 1 Hr todd answered wanting to know why I was calling so much and when it was ready they would contact me and hung up

Fields Trademark bait-and-switch sales tactic. The mark makes payment and all of a sudden Fields attitude switches, calls not answered, all the politeness of the sales staff evaporates because they have got the mark’s cash so they don’t give a fuck.

I had her call again ever 5 min till they answered again and I talked to todd to find out I would be charged 250.00 more then quoted. I told him to keep the hard drive so they came back to the aggreed upon price they gave me. Todd asked how I would pay and I said paypal they sent me a paypal pay and I paid it , 2 more weeks went by and nothing , 2 more weeks went bu and anain nothing from dozens of phone calls or emails so I contacted paypal for a refund , Fields uses random paypal accounts so when you do a dispute that account is never used again and you never get your money back I have yet to receive my hard drive or info back

Fields will usually panic if the mark decides not to pay, sometimes offering a reduced price, or agreeing to the fake low price they advertise in the first place (nobody has ever paid the lowest price).

It appears that Fields use multiple paypal accounts to prevent people from disputing payment, perhaps because they have lost money to credit card reclaims one time to many. Don’t ever pay Fields using paypal!

Unbelievable grifters.


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