1. You type in the key words “data recovery” or “hard drive data recovery” after your hard drive fails. You notice Fields Data Recovery or Rapid Data Recovery The websites look bonafide with lots of blue chip logos and lofty promises like No Data No Fee”
TRUTH: Because Fields invest so much in Pay Per Click advertising and have farmed out thousands of articles to their SEO article writers in Asia, their websites appear first in the Google rankings.

2. You are told that the recovery would cost a low amount and you will be charged a flat fee.
TRUTH: You are never charged the initial price promised. The sales reps try to milk you with lies to get you to pay more and more. If you contacted Rapid Data then they will refer you to their expert “partners” Fields Data Recovery. Everybody gets referred no matter what the problem with your hard drive and at this point you are asked for more money as the sales reps are on a commission, they will do everything to convince you that the problem is more “complex” than they thought.

3. You are sent official looking reports which tell you that there has been a failure which requires replacement parts or something similar. You are told in the report that there is a very high chance of recovering your data e.g. 75% or 80% (or higher!).
TRUTH: Misleading and fradulent template reports are sent to every customer regardless of the fault with their hard drive, even if the fault was simple and could have been fixed using simple free software tools

4. When you speak to the reps who man the phones for Fields (Todd Taylor?), you are treated very courteously to encourage you to make payment with your credit card.
TRUTH: Fields Data Recovery LLC lists Articles of Organization list their purpose as: “to collect and store data contained in any recorded form and do all necessary business functions to carry out that purpose.” What data are they collecting – credit card data? Who are they passing it to??

5. You try to find out how your “recovery” is progressing, but have trouble getting through to the sales rep you spoke to.
TRUTH: Once you pay, that’s when dark clouds appear. The sales reps no longer keep in touch and you can’t get through to them or you get fooled around. You can’t find out what happened to your media. If you finally do get through you find out that the recovery couldn’t be carried out even though you were told it was simple and routine and that there was a high chance of success.

6. If you are lucky your media will be returned. If you are not you will lose both your money and your media (and your sanity).
TRUTH: Even though you were given a “no data no fee” promise, you will NOT be refunded unless of course you kick up such a stink that they refund you the money to avoid the aggravation. But as a general rule Fields will not refund money to any customer if they can avoid it.

TRUTH: Like countless thousands around the world, you have been conned by a group of professional swindlers.

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